Research Day

The local school of engineering and informatics organised a “research day”, which I attended. They booked a nice conference room in a glamourous hotel on the beach of Salthill (not far away from my current home). There were some quite interesting talks about scientific publications, and a few other less interesting talks. But I had mainly come to see the posters of the Ph.D. students. Around 1/3 of the posters was from DERI (to tell the university that they deserve funding), and this indeed helped me to have some good discussions with people. I wonder why there is no such thing at our university, maybe because it is too small?

Want printer, pay cash – want RDF, pay index

My housemate was selling a printer and asked me to advertise it on the DERI mailing lists. So I did, and a few minutes later Giovanni wanted to buy it. When I entered his office to settle the deal, he entangled me into a discussion about RDF: “What are you doing?” – “A semantic wiki for mathematics.” – “Does it export RDF?” – “Yes, it does.” (but it was buggy). Anyway, he is highly interested in any kind of RDF-producing applications to feed their Sindice semantic web index. It can crawl RDF exported from applications, and it offers cool widgets for finding related web resources to application developers. I will have a look into this.

Poor man’s video conferencing over Skype

Today I joined the KWARC meeting for the first time from remote. We are using Skype with video. I got a webcam, and Michael is just turning his large iMac screen with a built-in webcam towards the group. We had already rehearsed the communication before, but the real problems only become apparent in practice. First, I was 45 minutes late because I got the time shift wrong. And then I lost the connection because I attached the power cord to the computer while conferencing. That’s a problem with the power management and NetworkManager on my Linux box. And some KWARCies will get sore throats because they have to speak up a bit so I can understand them.