Finding the Beer House

Some colleagues went to town, and Richard tried his best to explain the way to the “beer house” to me, but still I didn’t completely understand where I should go. So I googled a bit but only found some meaningless blog posts. Anyway, following Richard’s description and my intuition, it turned out to be quite easy to find it. I just had not expected that the name is German instead of English: bierhaus. And indeed they offer lots of German beers, but finally I enjoyed a Budweiser, the real Czech one.

Here comes the sun

Today it’s the third really sunny, summerly day in series. On Sunday my housemate and me went to the beach in Salthill (no swimming yet, but some people did), yesterday I worked outside for some time (but the ThinkPad displays are rather designed for office use), and today it’s still very nice outside. That’s Irish weather – come and feel it! 😉

Strange films in Bar No. 8

Having a farewell beer with Thomas and celebrating Alessandra’s birthday, we went to Bar No. 8 by the docks. But we didn’t stay long. We didn’t know that there was a strange arts performance going on there. There were short films, and eventually somebody kneeled down on a table, took a trunk-like plastic tube into his mouth for breathing and then was covered with peat. Well, the selection of beers was fine, and usually they also have live music, but we were definitely no fans of this kind of art. First we continued our party outside by the Spanish Arch, and then we went into the Bazaar, another very nice pub with a slightly Arabian atmosphere.

Deutsche und belgische Biere

Am Freitag war ich auf der Abschiedsparty von Santi (schon wieder ein Spanier! 😉 ), der im DERI-Café gearbeitet hatte. Das „Cottage“ in Salthill klingt nicht so nach spanischen Tapas, hat aber solche im Angebot, und außerdem eine große Auswahl an Bier. Martins Rat, die irischen Biere besser zu studieren, bin ich noch nicht nachgekommen, und das kam so: Nach einem ersten Guinness habe ich mich beraten lassen, was ich denn wohl als Nächstes nehmen sollte. Der heißeste Tipp der Barkeeperin war Erdinger. Ich habe ihr dann gesagt, dass ich Deutscher bin, das schon kenne, was Neues ausprobieren will und habe mir dann von den anderen Gästen das belgische Leffe empfehlen lassen. Im Cottage haben sie sogar deutsches Bier, von dem ich noch nie gehört hatte, nämlich Heidelberger.

Research Day

The local school of engineering and informatics organised a “research day”, which I attended. They booked a nice conference room in a glamourous hotel on the beach of Salthill (not far away from my current home). There were some quite interesting talks about scientific publications, and a few other less interesting talks. But I had mainly come to see the posters of the Ph.D. students. Around 1/3 of the posters was from DERI (to tell the university that they deserve funding), and this indeed helped me to have some good discussions with people. I wonder why there is no such thing at our university, maybe because it is too small?

Finally received my package

As Ryanair charges a lot for overweight, I sent a lot of my stuff to Ireland in a package (via Hermes, 28.90 € if you print the address sticker yourself). It arrived quite in time after one week (on Tuesday last week), even though the online delivery tracking log did not show any information. But it took three more days to finally arrive at my place, as I had it delivered to DERI – a wise decision according to my housemate, who said that mailings are sometimes lost in Ireland. Axel, another DERI project leader living almost next door, was so kind to transport it for me, but as he was quite busy that week, we only managed to align our schedules on Friday, when he finally left it at my place. I guess I owe him a beer now 🙂

Want printer, pay cash – want RDF, pay index

My housemate was selling a printer and asked me to advertise it on the DERI mailing lists. So I did, and a few minutes later Giovanni wanted to buy it. When I entered his office to settle the deal, he entangled me into a discussion about RDF: “What are you doing?” – “A semantic wiki for mathematics.” – “Does it export RDF?” – “Yes, it does.” (but it was buggy). Anyway, he is highly interested in any kind of RDF-producing applications to feed their Sindice semantic web index. It can crawl RDF exported from applications, and it offers cool widgets for finding related web resources to application developers. I will have a look into this.