Hi! I am Christoph Lange-Bever (publishing as Christoph Lange), a postdoctoral researcher in computer science.

I have been working with the following groups. Bold links point to institutional home pages where further details about me and my research can ben found.

  • the University of Bonn and the Fraunhofer Institute for Intelligent Analysis and Information Systems (IAIS), Germany
    (head of Enterprise Information Systems department from Jul 2017; senior postdoc/research group leader from Nov 2013)
    Topics: linked open data quality, semantic publishing, enterprise information systems
  • the University of Birmingham, UK
    (postdoctoral research fellow May 2012–Oct 2013, honorary research fellow from Nov 2013)
    Topics: mathematical formalisation of theoretical economics, formal verification of auction algorithms, usability of interactive theorem provers
  • the University of Bremen, Germany
    (postdoc Jun 2011–Apr 2012)
    Topics: distributed (i.e. logically heterogeneous, modular, interlinked, decentrally maintained) ontologies (cf. the OntoIOp OMG standardisation initiative)
  • the KWARC research group at Jacobs University Bremen, Germany
    (Ph.D. student Sep 2006–May 2011)
    Topics: collaboration on semiformal mathematical knowledge

History of this site

I started this blog as a means of keeping in touch with my friends during a 6-month stay as an exchange researcher at DERI (now: INSIGHT@NUI) Galway, Ireland, in 2008.