Desktop replacement

I have a ThinkPad T61 with a 1680×1050 resolution but still can’t get enough pixels, and I want something more ergonomic than the fixed combination of keyboard and monitor that notebooks offer. Therefore, I bought an additional monitor (BenQ E2400HD, 24″, 1920×1080 = HDTV resolution, as I also use it for watching TV). In the office, I didn’t have a good experience from connecting external monitors by VGA cable. Only for 1280×1024 I get an acceptable image quality. We have monitors with 1600×1200, which I’d highly prefer, but together with my notebook I can’t use them.

So I got a docking station (Advanced Mini Dock) and a DVI cable, and to my surprise, everything works like a charm 🙂 Even with both displays switched on at the same time.