Pro-European but Anti-Lisbon

My colleague Brendan voted against the Lisbon Treaty, but for good reasons:

  1. the new forms of military cooperation (which I’d support, though)
  2. the advancement of research in nuclear energy (which I’d support too)
  3. that the other Europeans were not asked to vote on it (and there he’s perfectly right!)

So not every Irishman who rejected the treaty was simply fooled by the dirty fear-uncertainty-doubt campaign.

One thought on “Pro-European but Anti-Lisbon

  1. I read in the SZ (German newspaper) that (seemingly) all of a sudden more European leaders critize the treaty of Lisbon: France eg. Now after Ireland rejected it the others found their courage to talk about their doubts… Honestly, even though there were some wrong information around in Ireland, I still think it’s grand that the referendum slowed the whole process down.

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