The internet is full

You may have seen this fake error message (unfortunately I don’t find this picture anywhere): “The internet is full. Please try again later.” It felt like this during the ESWC in the 5-star Sheraton La Caleta, Costa Adeje, Tenerife. The VPN login form gave a similar error message when you tried. Later, they disabled all these security measures and bought additional capacity from a neighbouring hotel, but still the connection was extremely unreliable. When I managed to connect every now and then, e-mail worked sufficiently, HTTP much less so, just Skype was reported to defy all obstacles. Maybe one should invent a software that allows for tunneling all internet services via Skype. The whole thing must have been a misunderstanding between the local organisers and the hotel. Maybe they thought, sure, we can provide internet for a few hundred people, but failed to realise that every one of them would want to be online at the same time.