A Europe that works better

As a EU citizen whose opinion is not honoured by his own government, it’s interesting for me to watch the preparations to the Irish referendum on the Lisbon Treaty, i.e. the European Constitution in disguise. A few weeks ago one could only see a few posters promoting a “no” vote, but this week a large number of posters in favour of a “yes” vote appeared. Of course I would vote “yes” as well, for a Europe that works better (quoted from one of these posters), and I grudgingly accept the good tradition of the German government not trusting its own people in certain questions, but still a referendum could have helped the political education of the Germans. The average German will not understand what his government most likely will ratify, but the average Irish at least got a fair chance to understand it, as a leaflet with the basic facts has been delivered to every household.


One thought on “A Europe that works better

  1. At least the Irish seem better informed than the average German, even the fact that they are confronted with the Treaty (almost) daily. We Germans on the other hand have to search for information on the Treaty – it kind of drowns in everyday life. A pity, really!

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