Das vierte Bier

Jetzt habe ich eine vierte irische Biersorte kennengelernt (und Martin wird sicher bald nach der f├╝nften fragen): Galway Hooker, wieder ein Ale. Thomas hat mich ja bemitleidet, als ich das bestellt habe. Es war zwar nicht mein absolutes Lieblingsbier, aber durchaus nicht schlecht.

In der Bar No. 8 haben sie auch eine gute Auswahl an Cider, muss ich auch mal probieren.

Strange films in Bar No. 8

Having a farewell beer with Thomas and celebrating Alessandra’s birthday, we went to Bar No. 8 by the docks. But we didn’t stay long. We didn’t know that there was a strange arts performance going on there. There were short films, and eventually somebody kneeled down on a table, took a trunk-like plastic tube into his mouth for breathing and then was covered with peat. Well, the selection of beers was fine, and usually they also have live music, but we were definitely no fans of this kind of art. First we continued our party outside by the Spanish Arch, and then we went into the Bazaar, another very nice pub with a slightly Arabian atmosphere.