Checking in a guitar with Ryanair

I just checked in my luggage for the flight from Bremen to Dublin with Ryanair. Being a well-trained customer, as Ryanair wants me to be, I studied the terms of service and learned that I can take my guitar if I book a second place, and that, unfortunately, it contributes to the 15 kg of luggage.

Now the check-in did not cause any trouble, but the clerk did not even weigh the guitar, and he told me that the second ticket I booked should have been issued to “Lange, Instrument”. I hope that the boarding staff knows the terms and doesn’t reject me, because the guitar plus my rucksack would be a bit heavy…


One thought on “Checking in a guitar with Ryanair

  1. What happened with your instrument? I’m gonna do the same thing, but now Ryanair has a specific procedure for musical instruments in the booking chain. However the FAQ still speaks about the double ticket (is the FAQ out of date?).

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